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"Great performance the bride was really shocked and the guests truly enjoyed the performance..Thanks so much!" Nashville Opera

Private Parties for your backyard!

PRIVATE PARTIES! Birthday Parties, Kid Parties, Family Reunions, Anniversary Parties, Outdoor Events, Weddings, and more! We offer a variety of themes, Rig Rentals, Safe Distance Entertainment brought to your small gathering! Text us for Party Planning assistance! 

Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment is one of the most important elements of a 5 star wedding. Yes, as well as the right choice in DJ Entertainment and Photography, we have it all! If you are planning a memorable wedding of the year check out our most popular wedding entertainment packages and acts! Spark your imagination for your own wedding entertainment.

Most popular Package:

Aerial Bartending/Champagne Angels

Aerial Champagne Pouring. Nothing says class like someone dangling from their big toe while pouring you champagne. This would also totally break the awkward sober chat that always happens when you bring a big group of people together. A conversation starter and something for people to watch while achieving that perfect snapchat with the aerial bartending pouring their drinks! An added benefit, when guests drinks are filled, the aerialist will perform her sky dance of stunts and tricks!

Strolling Entertainment

Adding the surprise element of an hour into the reception of a living strolling champagne skirt to refill guests drinks. Imagine sitting at your dinner table, trying to get the liquor courage to dance and out pops a strolling skirt of drinks! It sets the mood, brings smiles, and keeps the entertainment flowing. Strolling Skirts, Strolling Tables, And Strolling Stilt Walkers available.

Dance Floor Entertainers

Themed dancers, Hula Hoopers, Fire Dancers, Drummers, Limbo Games, Themed Dancers, Pool Parties Entertainment, Pool Mermaids, Swimmers, Fire Breathing Dragons, Stilt Walkers. Entertainment for 2021 Summer bookings are open!

We bring the Circus to you! We offer free standing aerial Circus Rig rentals that will fit in most Open air areas/Backyards that allow for dramatic acrobatics aerialists shows almost anywhere. Stage performances are also available for indoor venues. If you can dream it up, Beyond Wings can bring your circus dreams to life!!

Great for audience participation for games and fun. Ask about our fire limbo! And add stilt walkers to any event package!

Great Gatsby Theme

*Feathers Dancers * LED Wing Dancers * Champagne Aerialists * Strolling Champagne Skirt * Living Strolling Table

Check our our newest, one of a kind, and unique to Nashville apparatus design is the 9ft free standing Living Martini Glass and Wine Glass. The Both Wine and Martini Glass takes 20 easy minutes to set up and break down. Perfect for low ceiling venues! Our performers are ABC certified and can pour drinks from above within in Glass. The Martini glass can be decorated with LEDs, Great Gatsby feathers, ect upon client desire. 

Our flapper girls can fly! Flapper dresses to tuxedos, we have it all! Professional dancers, fire dancers, fire eaters, aerialists, stilt walkers and more. We entertain at a distance. Stage shows to private events, text us for more information on our Roaring 20's and Great Gatsby Entertainment packages!

The Greatest Showman/ Life is a Circus

This 2020, Life is a Circus theme is a HIT! Book your themed event today!

Globe Balancer * Jugglers * Unicyclist * Aerialists * Stilt Walkers * Fire Breathers * Contortionist * Acrobatics 

We offer acts from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. We have sit down 30-60 minute circus shows for your corporate or outdoor festival. Ask us about our Greatest Showman Circus Performance Package for Nashville and surrounding areas!


We surely know how to bring the entertainment at a distance! Message us to book your Social Distance Circus Entertainment today!!

ALL Performers must maintain all CDC standards of social distancing. Click HERE for our new regulations.

We are happily moving any needed event dates, transferring all deposits and contracts to the new date.  

Arabian Nights - Inspired by the Movie Aladdin

Themed Dancers * Veil Dancers * Bellydancer Prop Dancers *Fire Dancers * ICE LED Dancers * Acrobatic Aerialist

We bring Arabian Nights inspired by the movie Aladdin! Also great for this theme is Fire and the Ice to your event. We offer Ice Glowing Character Greeters and sit down shows of Fire & Ice! 

Interactive Entertainment

Dance Parties * Learn to Juggle * Hula Hoop Limbo * Strolling Characters * Stilt Characters * Themed Dancers *Salsa Dancers

Strolling roaming entertainment available to get the crowd hype and ready for fun! We keep the dance floors packed and the crowd happy while interacting with fun games, photo opportunities, and more! Ask us about our Characters!

All That Glitters

Glitter Costumed Aerialists * Glitter Stilt Walkers * Glitter Dancers


* Glow Hula Hoopers * Glow Acrobatics * Glow Apparatuses * Glow Dancers * Glow Makeup Artist *Glow DJs 

Disco Head Roamers, Glow Robots, Glow Rigs and More!

We can turn most any performance into glow! Ask us about Glow Parties and Glow Grand Openings

Character Greeters & Themed Dancers : Luau, Red Carpet Greeters, Greatest Showman & Decor

Book Professionals

What makes us different? Professionally Certified and Insured!

1. This company is professional. Our talent is world renowned international performers.

2. Performance Satisfaction 100% guaranteed!

3. This Company is Professionally Certified and Insured!

Beyond Wings Circus LLC is aerial rigging and fire performing certified. Beyond Wings Circus LLC Is licensed by the State of Tennessee. Beyond Wings Circus LLC is professional and guarantees satisfaction. Beyond Wings Circus rigging specialists hold multiple rigging certifications, aerial lift certifications, machinery certifications to ensure the safety of your entertainment aerialists and more. Beyond Wings Circus LLC is also Nashville's only Fire Safe certified and insured. We hold a Pyrotechnic Fire License through the State of Tennessee of the Fire Marshal's State office here in Tennessee. Beyond Wings Circus LLC is the only Nashville based certified and insured circus company, also offering additional insured documentation for every event. Each performer is trained under circus and aerial certified teacher and each performer is insured to up to 5 million. Keep your event SAFE! Always ask for these documentations when booking for any entertainment professionals..

Always ask for these documentations when booking for any entertainment professionals.. 

Champagne Angels - Aerial Bartenders

Holiday Entertainment - Halloween Parties & Holiday Cheer Entertainment

Juggling Elves * Santa's Helpers * Toy Solider Stilt Walkers *Angel Aerialists * Christmas Tree Elf * Giant Ornament Balancer


Fall Festival Fire Dancers * Festival Acrobatics in Halloween Costumes * Strolling Skirts

Nashville's wedding entertainment includes aerialists, aerial bartenders, life size martini glass, life size wine glass, champagne aerialists, formal fire flame dancers, formal stilt walkers, strolling living tables, music, DJs, and more! Beyond Wings honored to perform at celebrity weddings, Nashville local bridal shows, bachlorette parties, grand openings at venues such as The Bound'ry and Sycamore Barn & Events. Invite aerial flyers, ribbon dancers, white formal stilt walkers, fire dancers, aerial bartenders, strolling living tables, chandelier aerialists, DJs, and more for weddings, and your special day!

Hire Nashville wedding aerial bartenders for your bridal, bachlorette, wedding, and event needs!

ALL champagne and specialty aerial bartenders pourers are ABC licensed certified. As well as all of our entertainers are insured by Beyond Wings Circus.


drink champange skirt large.png
DrinkSkirt (1).jpg

Show Girls for Casino Night Events, Character Greeters and More!

*Living Red Carpet * Fire Dancers * Balloon Artist * Stilt Walkers *Hula Hoopers * Themed Dancers * Go Go Dancers

All character models are ABC certified for event bartending needs.

Bring your party or event to life! Our living strolling tables and living strolling champagne dress skirts walking throughout your event pouring champagne, handing out appetizers, passing out promotional items, etc. We make your wedding or event memorable with living tables, live artists, live music, champagne angels bartenders and more!

Our champagne angels and aerial bartenders pour signature drinks or champagne from aerial silks; in poses, upside down, etc. Aerialist can also perform aerial dance acts when guests drinks are all filled. One Bottle Assistant is included to aid with the bartender, guests, and aerialist. All aerialists and insured and ABC licensed bartenders.

Summer Entertainment

NOW OFFERING Bubble Pool Mermaids contortionists inflatable zorb bubbles add a unique element to any event.

We travel to your city! Specializing in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville and surrounding areas for your speciality featured premium corporate circus entertainment.

Photos at events such as Sycamore Farms Wedding Venue, Boundry Wedding 3rd Floor events, TWESA casino night, private wedding parties and more!

Nashville's wedding and corporate entertainment includes Aerialists, Aerial Bartenders, Champagne Aerialists, Formal Fire flame Dancers, Formal Stilt Walkers and Dancer, Strolling Living Tables, Life size Martini glass, Life size Wine Glass, Glow Parties, Interactive Characters and Instructors, Team Building Activities, Luau Parties, Aerial Chandeliers, DJs, and more! 

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