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"Thank you again for such a fabulous evening!... I have had nothing but wonderful things said about your talent!" - Greater Nashville Realtors

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Aerialist and Circus Show in Riverfront with the General Jackson floating by


Keep it safe! We can provide circus free standing rigs for your event! That puts over 10 feet of distance between guests and performers!

Large, Medium, Small or Hoop Ring Rigs available for day rentals. Set up time is 20 minutes per rig with no tools required.

New COVID Regulations HERE

Nashville Symphony Center Aerialist Entertainment for Heart Gala 2023
Aerialist on Riverfront of Nashville's waterfront

As Seen at Plaza Mariachi - Music City Live Entertainment

Beyond Wings Circus is the Nashville Circus was hired to perform weekly entertainment for Nashville guests, visitors, and events held at Plaza Mariachi, Music City Nashville. Beyond Wings is proud to say we have provided weekly entertainment for seven years at Plaza Mariachi! Check out our Fire Performance Shows, Variety Circus Acts, and of course the crowd's favorite Aerialists.

Plaza Mariachi Circus Show of Aerialist and Fire Dancers
Christmas entertainment at Plaza Mariachi
Aerialist at Plaza Mariachi on weekends
showgirl casino night nashville.jpg

Trapeze Dancers

Trapeze dancer at Expression City of Nashville circus center
Trapeze dancer in front of Nissa Stadium
Batman building and aerialist hanging from Pedestrian Bridge

What makes us different? Professionally Certified and Insured!

Beyond Wings Circus LLC is aerial rigging and fire performing certified. Beyond Wings Circus LLC Is licensed by the State of TN. Beyond Wings Circus LLC is professional and guarantees satisfaction. Beyond Wings Circus rigging specialists hold multiple rigging certifications, aerial lift certifications, machinery certifications to ensure the safety of your entertainment aerialists and more. Beyond Wings Circus LLC is also Nashville's only Fire Safe certified and insured. We hold a Pyrotechnic Fire License through the State of Tennessee of the Fire Marshal's State office here in Nashville TN. 

Beyond Wings Circus LLC is the only Nashville based certified and insured circus company, also offering additional insured documentation for every event. Each performer is trained under circus and aerial certified teacher and each performer is insured to up to 5 million. Keep your event SAFE! Always ask for these documentations when booking for any entertainment professionals.

Champange angels pouring for Mercedez Benz

Wedding Entertainment!

Wedding Entertainment is one of the most important elements of a 5 star wedding. Yes, as well as the right choice in DJ Entertainment and Photography. If you are planning a memorable wedding of the year check out our most popular wedding entertainment packages and acts! Spark your imagination for your own wedding entertainment.

Most popular Package:

Aerial Bartending as seen here. Scroll down for more photos!

Aerial Champagne Pouring. Nothing says class like someone dangling from their big toe while pouring you champagne. This would also totally break the awkward sober chat that always happens when you bring a big group of people together. A conversation starter and something for people to watch while achieving that perfect snapchat with the aerial bartending pouring their drinks! An added benefit, when guests drinks are filled, the aerialist will perform her sky dance of stunts and tricks!

Free Standing Rig Rentals

Holiday Circus Shows held every weekend at Plaza Mariachi including this chandelier
Giant wine glass with acrobat
giant martini rig at Famous Saloon

Our newest, one of a kind, and unique to Nashville apparatuses design is the 9ft free standing Living Martini Glass, Living Wine Glass and flying Chandeliers! The Martini Glass takes 20 easy minutes to set up and break down. Perfect for low ceiling venues! Our Aerial Chandeliers, Martini, and Wine glass can be decorated with LEDs, Great Gatsby feathers, ect upon client desire. Free Standing Living Glasses stand 6-11 feet tall sparkle and can be decorated to match any theme. Our performers are ABC certified and can pour drinks from above within in Glass.

Aerial Bartenders

Aerial Bartender in Nashville TN
Aerial angel in downtown Nashville at Famous Saloon
Champagne aerialist inside of Mercedez dealership for events
Music City Center circus and aerialist entertainers
aerialist upside down pouring champagne
martini glass rig rental inside Music City Center events

Nashville Aerial Bartenders and Champagne Aerialist at your service! All Angel Bartenders are ABC Certified. Bubbly from above is the best way to bring your event or wedding to a new level! Ask about our very own aerial bartending chandelier! 

No beams, No problem! 

Gala aerial entertainment during cocktail hour at the Symphony Center in Nashville
Bridgestone Arena Circus show on the plaza of downtown Nashville
lollipop aerial bartender pouring at the Cumberland Park for private events
Contortion Rig Example.jpg

We can provide circus free standing rigs for your event. Large, Medium, Small or Hoop Ring Rigs available for day rentals. Set up time is 20 minutes per rig with no tools required. Aerialists, contortionists acts, aerial bartending and more!

Popular Performance Package & Sample Videos

Beyond Wings Angels

At Beyond Wings, we are focused on providing aerial entertainment with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your performance package expectations. Hire Gravity's Most Wanted Beyond Wings Angels Today. We travel to your city! Specializing in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville and surrounding areas for your speciality featured premium corporate circus entertainment. If your Destination is Nashville, and looking for circus and corporate entertainment, that is our speciality! 


Aerial silks, aerial cube, aerial rope, aerial hammock, aerial net, aerial chains and hoop lyra are available for performance events! We have wedding entertainment to rooftop fire breathers performance packages available. Add a little fire flying for an exclusive party flare. Fire Dancers are available with this angels package options. Please email for a quote to book your private aerialist at your event. 


Check us out weekly at Music City's own Plaza Mariachi on Nolensville Road in Nashville and events held at Nashville zoo. Circus Shows every weekend! We are available in Memphis, Nashville, Atlanta, and surrounding areas! We are available for travel within the United States. We travel to your city! Specializing in Destination Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville and surrounding areas for your speciality featured premium corporate circus entertainment.


Seen one of our shows. We can duplicate any show for your event or venue. Hire your bartending aerialists today!


Beyond Wings angels have performed in every historical landmark of Nashville such as and as well as Country Music Hall of Fame, Gaylord Opryland, Broadway Street, Bridgestone Arena, CMT, Grand Ole Opry, Franklin Theatre, Omni Hotel, Nashville Symphony, Nashville Music Festivals, CMT awards pre parties, Hilton Embassy Suites, Vanderbilt, Belmont University, for NHL Predators, Plaza Mariachi, celebrity weddings and more! Hula and Netflix series and more!

MORE Entertainment Ideas

Holiday Angels

Ask about our free standing rigs! We can create your event dream and match any theme! We Make your holiday corporate event with our Beyond Wings' own Christmas tree acrobatic elf! We can also create Great Gatsby theme with beautiful feathers decor. Other themes include Country Glam, All that Glitters, Greatest Showman, Fire & Ice, Casino Night, and more! Let us design a unique entertainment during dinner or cocktail hour.  

Wow your guest with a Holiday Treat! Nashville's finest Holiday Entertainers. Check out our giant red ornament balls, our elves balance and juggle on top of each ornament. Also we offer Holiday Christmas Themed Toy Solider Stilt Walkers, Aerial Flying Angel Christmas Program Angels, Santa Jugglers, Christmas decorated Living Strolling Tables and Aerial Rigs as Christmas Trees! Of course keep the winter night warm with our Holiday Fire Dancers.

Question for our design team?

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Aerial Guide

Aerial Circus Silks: ribbons, aerial silks, rope, aerial tissues, fabric, ribbon, or tissu,is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. Aerial silks may be used to fly through the air, striking poses and figures while flying.

Aerial Circus Cube: Another great aerial apparatus that is similar to the lyra. Aerial cube can be a solo, duo, or trio apparatus. Since the Aerial cube is big it creates opportunities to create different symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes that requires great coordination, balance, and if done in pairs or trios perfect synchronization.

Aerial Net: This flying net is similar to the aerial hammock but a suspended net with 2 points that create a different view from inside and outside the net.

Aerial Circus Lyra Hoop suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics. The hoop sometimes has a hand loop and a bar across the top. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging.Hoops are easy to rig at any event location.

Double the excitement with fire and flying! Beyond Wings aerialist are skilled professionals in the art of fire dance and fire eating. Sweeten your event with eye candy of all sorts! Aerial performance packages include aerial silks, aerial lyra hoop. (Fire added upon Request).

Aerial Circus hammock: A suspended sling of rope or fabric the has 2 points and creates a cloud.

Aerial Circus rings: The gymnastic rings, also known as steady rings or still rings[1] (in contrast to flying rings), is an artistic gymnastics apparatus and the event that uses it. Can be attached to rope or silks.

Aerial Stilts: are poles, posts or pillars used to allow a person or structure to stand at a height above the ground.

Walking stilts are poles equipped with steps for the feet to stand on, and straps to attach them to the legs, for the purpose of walking while elevated above a normal height.

Champagne Angels and Chandelier Angels: Also known as aerial bartenders. All angels are ABC certified, liquor license to legally pour for any event, wedding entertainment, in Nashville and surrounding areas!

We travel to your city! Specializing in Nashville, Chattanooga, Memphis, Jackson, Knoxville and surrounding areas for your speciality featured premium corporate circus entertainment.

Free Standing Rigs: No beams no problem! 21x21, 16x16, 13x13, 6x6 rigs available for day rentals. We can provide circus rigs for your event. Large, Medium, Small or Hoop Ring Rigs available for day rentals. Set up time is 20 minutes per rig with no tools required. Aerialists, contortionists acts, aerial bartending and more!

Highlighted Clients:


Check out more entertainment performance packages for hire on our menu page!

Such as contortionists, mermaids, stilt walkers, circus entertainers, fire spinners/twirlers, champagne aerial girls, and more! 

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